Day 4 – im back

it been a couple of days since ive written but im back.

I’m feeling a lot better now then i was a couple days ago.  THANK GOD!!!!! i hate being sick. ive been stuck inside all day for days.  i couldnt even make it through 3 periods  on friday.  

i have little to no energy only to get back to school and have my stuff moved across the hall to room 5 from room 6.  I was so annoyed and upset! it was so disorienting and i dont like that room as much either! the room i waas in has a bigger closet and a bigger bathroom and my bed it right where i like it. I even rearanged the room to be how i like it just a week or so before i went on break so why woul di want to move.  i didnt move my stuff and my staff didnt move it and my advisor didnt move my stuff so i have no idea how it got moved and thats disturbing because i dont know who touched my stuff!! i dont like it!! i feel weird and out if place.  i dont feel like im home.  i feel like im a guest in someone elses home. 

I watched a really good movie today though.  I watched the movie the fundamentals of caring. Its funny, sad, heartwarming, its very well made and i loved it! I would totally watch it again!  I highly recommend it and Selena Gomez is in it and she is so hot! lol 

My girlfriend went home for the weekend but she will be coming back today and we are doing an activity with some kids that live in our dorm and im so excited! its always really fun and we are going to the best resterant for dinner.  It soo good. it has like all the best food.  It has chinse food, sushi, Japanese, like everything u can think of!! its great! and then i forget what we are going to do later after that but I remember that it sounded fun lol.  I miss some of my friends  that i havent been able to see in awhile since ive been home for a while.  i was going to hang out with them but they went out and i wasnt able to go with them unfortunately.  ive been watching say yes to the dress all afternoon and it was good but now im jus bored but there is nothing else to watch or to do. 

Also does anyone out there have a scar anywhere?? because i have a scar on my wrist and for some reason once in a while it gets super ichy and its so weird. i hate iching it because it hate the way it feels.  i think its more of a wrist thing. that i like dont like wen things touch my wrist but i dk.  anyway any coments would be helpful. 

now im off the wendys!

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  1. I have a 18-stitch scar covering one side of my right knee cap. It is very obvious, and I have worn pants and long skirts all my life to cover it. I was 11 when the doctor said I needed surgery on my knee and “It won’t leave a scar.” Yaaa—right!!! What a scar!
    It is so horrific, children at kindergarten where I worked would ask me what happened and stare at it. So I start dressing longer. I can’t stand to touch it either because it feels like some kind of weird plastic more than flesh, yet I CAN feel it. Creepy. Hope yours is not that bad. Try not to get anymore, if you can help it. HUGS!

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