My mother once had endometriosis, which is very painful, and she HAS or HAD a cyst on one of her ovaries. A few months back I started getting immense pain that made me cry or close to screaming, very strong. My mother says she had surgery for her endometriosis, which helped and it never came back.(Apparently)

I just am a bit scared of the idea, its embarrassing too, in a way. I also just want to avoid the talk about my uterus to begin with, since the idea of talking about it to a doctor or going to the “OBGYN doctor” feels strange.The thought just makes me a bit uncomfortable. My mother agrees I should wait until I’m a bit older since I’m only sixteen. I rarely get those massive pains enough for it to be concerning. They have slowed to. I just want to focus on my schoolwork, friends, family, and living my life, if it’s not life-threatening enough that I can wait a few years until I want to do it. 

I’m worried about if I can have kids or not and such, but it’s not as if I’m planning for any right now.

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