Some people say “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. 

What happens when you’re incapable of catching them? What happens when your mental stability is clouding up every aspect of your life, you’re incapable of cutting the lemons without thinking about pointing the knife at yourself? What happens if you feel so weak you’re unable to get to the juice? What if you feel so fucking bitter, you have no sugar to add to what lemonade you do have? No one likes bitter, clumsy lemonade. 

When every ounce of love you’ve been offered, isn’t the one you want, but the one you want is in a completely other life. The one after our own? How can you possibly love someone when you can only think about the love you do want? I guess you could.. but it would be a love full of lies. Even after years, you can only think of that love. Everything else has escaped your senses, tenses, mind, and body. 

How far do you go? 

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