Life is confusing and is there any meaning to it?

As I got older I really thought I’d start to piece the puzzle of life together little by little. But now I’m not even sure what life is and why I’m here in the first place.

I am still as shy and lost as I was back in high school. I haven’t seen much except how fake and cruel people can be. It does make me appreciate the few good souls left on this planet though. 

Most people in my city are junkies, and I dont have interest in drugs. I often feel as if this generation wasn’t made for me. I see no point in random hookups and meaningless sex. I don’t see how shooting up heroin will solve any issues. What happened to meeting people and getting to know them? Showing compassion and feelings? All of that is “gay” now. I wish people would open up their minds a little. See that helping others and understanding people’s feelings isn’t gay. It’s being a decent human.

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