My weekly goals/ Middle of the month report in January

From my experience in December, I have made my goals easy this time. I thought I wanted to enjoy the journey ..not trying to cross off the list. I didn’t have to focus on so much what I needed to do. More like I did what I wanted and they happened to be in the list. The point of doing this is I want to feel some kind of achevement. I feel good when I see I did something each day. It is so important to me.

My weekly goals in January

By 1th  Finish the book / done

By 8th Make one donation/ done

By 15th Finish total body yoga series 1-4 / done 12th

By22nd 5 pages of writing practice  

by 29th  Finish another book

January monthly goals

5 times 5k or 30 minutes runs / did 4 days. One more day to go

10 times doing yoga ( including the series)/ I did 10 days already

5 times pilates or ab exercise/ did twice

Once 1km or 30 minutes swim ( the pool will be closed most of the time in January)/done

3 kickboxing/ did twice

3 movies/ I watched 4 movies already this month!

3 restaurants/ done! sushi, Italian and Chinese

finish one book / finished on the 1st

I still have a half a month. It shouldn’t be a problem to cross off all. 🙂

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