Saturday January 14th

Oh my lord. What a crazy 24 hours I’ve had. I got to Brent’s house for Noah to drive me to the airport, and he wasn’t there. He wasn’t answering his phone, either. I had Sophie with me because she was staying with them while I’m gone. I tried to call and text Brent and he didn’t answer, either. I got myself good and worked up, and Bethany called Brent’s friend, Geoff, and he said they were at the gym! Gah. I was so scared something terrible had happened. So they got home, and Noah took me to the airport. I made my flight with plenty of time. I took a Xanax when I got to the airport, thought, because I was so freaked out- that was a mistake-  those things make me so sleepy! I was ready to pass out on the plane. I couldn’t hold my eyes open. Then, when I got to Charlotte, we were supposed to board the connecting flight at 9:35, but I didn’t land until 9:47, AND I had to get from terminal E to B! I literally had to jog and I got there just in time to be at the tail end of the line of people boarding. I kept nodding off on the flight, and I was so sleepy, I was afraid to try to take public transport to my Air BnB, so I Ubered. In my defense, it was 1am, so I would be sleepy regardless, but not as bad as I was drugged. I finally made it to my Air BnB and it was horrible!! I had booked a “private” room. My room turned out to be the front room in a 1 bedroom apartment, with the bathroom inside the bedroom. SO, I was sleeping on a twin mattress on a metal frame, facing the stove. 🙁 I had nothing but a small travel pillow and no top sheet, no blanket, just a cruddy old comforter. I was not given any towels, nothing. SO, I left there this morning and I’m at a hotel now. I don’t like to spend money on stuff like that that ‘s only temporary- I don’t need a fancy place to stay- but that was beneath my standards, even. This hotel is on the UWS and it’s only $100 a night. That’s not bad at all! And I have towels and pillows and clean bedding!! That girl should definitely not be running an air bnb. It was deplorable. 

I walked all the way down to 67th street from my hotel at 94th street. I had to go to the apple store because I forgot my computer charger. The man that helped me was so nice! He had an Australian accent. I told him I was moving here and he said he had been here 28 years and he still loved it. I hope it works that way for me. After I bought my charger, I walked back toward my hotel, stopping in a Starbucks to drink a coffee and browse the internet on my computer. Here, there is a way to be surrounded by people all the time if you want. I really feel like I will be able to make friends here. 

I am excited to get my keys to my apartment tomorrow! I will be officially a New Yorker. I am so hopeful that this move will bring me happiness. I deserve to have some happiness after all the nonstop shit and horror. 

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  1. I’m confused, sorry. Are you re-locating? Permanently? I hope you will love it, whether its a vacation or stay. Take care of yourself and keep writing to us! Please.

  2. I am relocating to New York, but I am not moving permanently until January 20th. I am only here for the weekend right now.

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