Two Worlds

    Some people are believers, while others are turned off the idea of an afterlife. I have according to my mother, always been connected in some way or another, to the other side. I’ve always been able to see and hear Angles, Demons, Spirits (human and animal), Portals, and Auras. As I grow older I’ve also been able to tap into peoples thoughts and feelings. I have dreams that are warnings, and more often than I like they come true, unless it is happy and joyful news. I always look forward to the positive. I keep being told these are gifts, but many times I feel it’s a curse. Many times I have trouble knowing what’s real and what’s a dream since I also sleepwalk. I feel drained all the time, as if I’m having my own energy pulled out just for them to come through. Recently I had a portal just above me when I woke up. I’ve never ventured into experimenting with them, but this one particular morning the portal was so close. It had several colors, looked harmless, and so I began reaching my hand into it. I started feeling pins and needles, began shaking, and at one point felt as though I was being pulled. Quickly pulled my hand out. The pins and needles feeling stayed with me for several days after. Usually when I see a portal, that’s when and where the (for now I’ll call them…Aliens, since that’s basically what they are, no longer being of this world) Aliens come and go.

I’ll write more later. Got things to do.


One thought on “Two Worlds”

  1. Dear Aquarius—it sounds like your soul is too open to everything and anything. May I suggest that you pray and ask Jesus to open the doors to his Kingdom to you and CLOSE all other doors and help you heal. Ask Him to cleanse you. I used to have similar “gifts” — I am free and whole, now, and sleep like a baby; nobody or nothing trying to steal my soul. It is so much better, words cannot describe. I will pray for you if you’d like. God bless you, dear girl.

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