Yesterday I woke up around 9. I had breakfast, took a shower and washed the whites. I did my makeup and around 3 I went to watch The Silence of the Lambs. It’s a hell of a movie! I made coffee and a sandwich and watched Jacob’s Ladder with Tim Robbins. After that, I wondered where the lead singer of Dead or Alive (the group who sing the legendary You Spin Me Round). Turned out he had been dead for about three months.

I decided to search YouTube (which I haven’t been able to stand lately because every hoe nowadays has a channel) a bit more and watched interviews with Tim Robbins, Milli Vanilli, Stephen King, Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman. 

Got ready for bed. Kept watching interviews hoping to fall asleep at 11 or 1 am at most. I fell asleep at 5 in the morning.

Dad woke me up at 10 saying, “You have five minutes exactly to get dressed. You’re going to church.” Thank God, I didn’t end up going to church. I stayed home and am now preparing lunch.

I’m not even THAT tired though, but my arms and neck hurt. My wrists hurt. School starts tomorrow. What a hell!

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