Day 322 – Relaxing and fencing

Saturday, January 14th 2017

Wow. So the website design changed. I haven’t looked at it on the computer since by the time Megg told me, it was late, but the design on my phone looks pretty cool. Glad the creator of the website is improving it while they can.

Also, there was just a loading screen while I was typing. Wonder if it saves if you accidentally leave, let’s see—Nope, bummer. I’d like to have a draft option where it saves automatically so if you leave the page without pressing publish, you can go back to it, or instead of being in draft, when you go back, your text is still there (I click out accidentally so often). But I’m also using the app, but the app changed as well, so. Though there is the loading icon now and then. Wonder if it’s just refreshing the page, but for what? Not sure what’s it for. Am I just reconnecting?

Anyway, today I mostly just relaxed. I spent time watching YouTube and moderating the server, since I haven’t done that in a few days. I also played a bit with the owners at Dead by Daylight, since you can earn more bloodpoints than usual, and I played 7 Days To Die with my brother by going on his computer and connecting to him through Discord. He seems to be having fun in NY.

I later played Champions, a Marvel fighting game app, while my parents watched a show. It’s really fun, and easy so far. I’ve decided to try and fight against real players, and was nervous since I knew I’d probably get beaten up pretty quickly, but was confident enough to go through with it because I had a strategy down, and surprisingly I did not get beaten out of the 4 times I played. I thought it was because I’m low level and was matched with low level players who are still learning, but nope, I was even matched with a level 22 user (I’m level 6), and although they proved to be a bit more of a challenge, since I noticed their strategy was to block to charge their super power, but I still managed to beat them with a bit more than half health to spare. Maybe level 22 isn’t that high of a level, or the guy didn’t try much of multiplayer fighting, or I’m good at it? Not sure. I think it might be cause of the strategy I developped while fighting NPCs. I basically dodge immediately, since the person will usually try to strike first, then when they miss, quickly dash and hit. When you hit you go through a cycle of 5 or so punches before your character stops punching for a second (the one getting hit can’t move while being punched), and that’s when I dodge backwards when they swing and I dash back forward to start the cycle again. If they block then I charge up the punch that gets rid of blocks, and wait for them to get close enough. Sometimes they’re smart to get close, but not close enough to be in range, so I miss and they hit me, but I dash as they’re dashing away and manage to get my own hits in.

Other than that, I watched some Clone Wars and I did some research on which lightsaber would best suit me. Fencing was always an interest of mine and now fencing with lightsabers has even more. I was thinking of what would be a good suitable lightsaber design for a defensive strategy, since I’m more of a defensive and wait for an opening kind of person, so I assumed double bladed would be best, cause it covers more space, but then I later realised by watching a video and someone commenting on how they only stick with one lightsaber, cause without the proper training, they’d hit themself, that double bladed might not be best for me. I sort of remember trying to do tricks when I was younger with a long stick of some sort by holding the middle part and I kept hitting myself, and it restricts movement a little compared to one lightsaber (I know with proper training I could be better at it, but I don’t see myself with it anymore). Maybe duel wielding would be best for me or just a simple single bladed lightsaber… Yeah… I am starting to feel going standard would be best. But for fencing, I think I’d like to take up classes one day, but right now I can’t, for time purposes. Hopefully in the future if I’m still interested. It’d be a fun hobby.

That’s all for today.

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