January 16th / I am like a dog

I had been stuck at home since the weather had been bad. I hadn’t seen the sun for ages! It snowed badly yesterday morning but it let up soon. I decided to take a walk to a grocerry store. I felt so good walking.. I could tell that I was pumping adrenaline..  I need some cardio to feel good.

My morning ritual day 89

1) Write down 3 acts of gratitude

I am grateful that the weather should be ok to go out. I am grateful that I could get a good deal on grocery yesterday. I am grateful that I could paint well yesterday.

2) Write one positive experice within 24 hours. It was so amazing to feel the sun yesterday. The wind was freezing cold but the sun was warm.. I wanted to soke up all the heat I could get. I really need to feel the sun every day..🙂

3)Exercise for 15 minutes         will do daily yoga and jog for 30 minutes

4) Meditation                               I did 6 minutes meditation with audio

5)Write a letter to someone or something to express gratitude    

Dear my hand warmer, I love it! It warms up my hands so toasty. I carry it when I go out all the time. Thanks for the heat! 🙂

6)Do one small thing for generosity  I put away a tray for us

How is my day going so far

4:00 Got up/ Hot lemon water

5:00 soy late / Yoga day 4

6:00 Breakfast/ Tofu quiche, apples, yogurt

7:00 painting and writing

9:00 Jog for 30 minutes

10:30 Lunch/ Rice and sea weed, baked chicken, salad

12-14:30 went to the mall

14:00 Snack/ sweet at the mall

17:00 dinner/dumpling and vegetable soup

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