Mood-swings, more worry, crying, and more mood-swings.

My parents are concerned since It’s my 11th day on my period. Last month it was 17, and I just feel like a wreck emotionally. I thought maybe it was a hormonal imbalance maybe. I’ve had no cramps and so far it’s very light-medium spotting. It just sucks to be honest.

I’ve been secluded to my bedroom the entire time I’ve been on it. I want to be around people, yet I want to stay away from them, I have a hard time making up my mind. It’s frustrating. I literally feel as if my mind is doing flips trying to figure out what I WANT, it’s ridiculous, just an on-going cycle.

This afternoon when my mother and aunt took me to pick out materials for a skirt I wanted to wear, I cried since I couldn’t get the material I wanted, something I would never do(Wrong type of material). I cried without noticing it.I also cried because I couldn’t find a good material I liked. I sound pretty spoiled, but normally I would NEVER feel so strongly about something so uncomplicated and insignificant, especially not a skirt!

I feel so idiotic I guess. I also want to cry again, so I probably shouldn’t type¬†anything more tonight since I can’t see my keyboard.

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  1. @Confessions.of.a.teenage.girl
    I am, thank you.:)

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