I’m moving in a week, not the normal moving where your leaving with your mom and dad and just going to a new house. No. This is not that type of moving, I’m turning seventeen in eleven days and I’m moving out of my parents house in eight days. Right now I live in Texas with my mom and dad in a decently sized apartment going to an online school, one of witch I am failing a class.

About a week and a half ago my mom called me saying that I was moving back to Oregon, where my brother and sister live with my grandma. I started crying of course because I was scared, this has been something I’ve wanted for a while, so why did I cry? I wanted to move back to Oregon because I feel like I have unfinished business there, I moved from there when I was fourteen, and I never really actually said goodbye to anyone. 

But that’s not truly why I want to go back, after I graduate I’m going on a big trip around Europe and after I get back I don’t plan on going back to Oregon. I plan on going straight to New York and writing my book. A book about the world and my travels. A book about the struggles that I’ve had in my life, I’m only seventeen, but a lot has happened to me that most children should not have to go through.

And I know that a lot of children have it much worse than me and that my issues and problems are very miniscule to some, but there what define me as a human. What I’ve gone through has helped me grow into a mature young adult. And some of you will say, you cant be mature your only seventeen.

And my response to that is maturity does not come with age, it comes with knowledge. That of witch I have much.

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