Spring Time in January…

Oh what a beautiful weekend thus far!

It has been in the 70’s here the past two days, a bit of overcast, but the sun will pop through and make the world glow!

The lawn actually has green showing and I have moved some of my plants outside, but I am leaving my two trees inside, just to big to keep moving.

We went to an awards show last evening for the local theater group and it was a blast! I took lots of photos which I hope to download and work on, print and give to those that Debbie acts with.

Yesterday and today we have been working hard, almost like Spring Cleaning and the ol’ house is looking good!

We had thought about sneaking off on our motorcycles, but I want to wait out the month until the physical therapist totally clears Debbie to get back on her bike. They are projecting her date to be able to ride as the end of January!

Shock and amazement! I started painting the little 1/72 model of a Horton Ho 229. Once complete it will the first completed model in years. Once done I have another kit of the same plane but in a larger 1/48 scale. It feels very good to be able to focus and complete or at least get this far on a project. I am bad about not completing model kits, of the several hundred I have probably 10% are started and not completed. Everything else is still factory sealed.

About all for now, I may come back later.

Many blessings, love and peace to all.

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