Tell me I’m not alone.

“Good morning Poppa!” x3

“Mom we are almost out of milk/ceral/fruit”

These words ring out daily. Morning to the man who sits there, watching tv. The man who takes away their crayons, paper, toys, games, tv privilages all for minor infractions. These kids get nothing.  I am good with limited screen time. That is a big thing here..for the kids. Dad, well, rules don’t apply because he is the “man of rhe house”. The only thing that qualifies him for this title is the penis and remote being an extension of his body.  

Kids play. 3 boys play rough. I am of the opinion that they need to learn. Work things out. Look at a litter of pups. They rough house. They get hurt. They work things out and they go about their business. Animal instinct. Not these boys. they rough house, someone whines, King jumps up off his throne “everyone take a nap now!”  Children shouldn’t be seen or heard here in his opinion. Funny cause he wanted more of them. I was content with my original 2 from previous relationships. Yep…I collect kids from long term relationships like a serial killer collects trophys. 

If the kids draw on the wall, the logical response is to throw away all their writing impliments. Why not? King doesn’t pay for it. He doesn’t supply their school supplies. Mom does that.  Maybe a better lesson would be to have them scrub their art off the wall. Naw….it’s easier to have mom do it. 

If they leave a puzzle piece out, King throws it away. Who fucking cares that the whole god damned puzzle isn’t worth a shit now. It wasn’t his money. Mom will buy another one anyway. Why? because they need stuff like this to develop their little brains. 

Games, learning games, educational games. Can’t play them in the room because they aren’t responsible. Can’t play them in the living room or kitchen because King is watching his 7th straight hr of TV and the kids make noise. God forbid someone fart during hockey. 

Go out and play if you want to be loud. It’s only 31° and raining out. Get bundled up. What’s that? You took longer than 2 min to get dressed and you can’t find your other glove? Tough tits kiddo, freeze. If you cry about it you can just go to bed.  Fuck you asshole. He’s 6, give him a break. 

Everything has a place and everything should be in it. This is his logic for being so fucking militant towards these kids.  Teaches them responsibilities. Organization. Time management. How about letting them be, oh, I dunno, KIDS!

I like real crime shows but they also scare me. When is one of my kids gonna snap and kill us in our sleep?  Will they spare me because they know that I donall I can for them? Will they blame me for keeping them here? Will they mercy kill me so I don’t have to live with this? 

“Good morning Poppa!” x3

“Mom! We are almost out of milk/cereal/fruit”

Hello, my name is Chopped Liver. 

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