The Secret

Its just another normal day. Recently I’ve done something that i’m not really proud of. It all started about a year ago. There is a boy i go to school with i was attracted to him and he was the same towards me. We had a couple of classes so we got closer throughout the school year. He was dating a girl that was a year behind us, she was constantly cheating on him but he didn’t know. I heard from a few of her friends about her cheating on him with her ex. I couldn’t tell him because I didn’t want him to think that i was making the whole thing up. He found out a few weeks later about her but at this point she was locked up in a hospital for attempt of suicide. 

Him and i started to hang out more, but things were getting more personal. He came over to my house to see me before i left to go to prom with another guy. We kissed for the first time that day. I knew what i did was wrong but i didn’t care.  All i could think about was the kiss. Reality hit me when I was walking back to my house. I then turned around and asked ” What about your girlfriend?” he replied with “I’m breaking up with her when she comes back.” 

I was happy but i kind of felt bad because she was going to come back and he was going to leave her. After all that happened with her, he was going to leave her, but she did cheat. A few weeks later he informed me that she was coming back and he didnt know what he was going to do… That night I had a school Christmas concert. There was band and choir, so the Jr. High band went first, then there choir group, then it was the high school. So i performed very last. As i was sitting in the audience waiting for my group to go up i started to feel sick and light headed. I went to the bathroom and sat in the floor i was waiting for the vomit to come up but it never did. I was scared, I managed to get on my feet and make  y way back to my mom in the audience. I told her I wasn’t feeling good and there was no way I could perform.  She asked him( the boy in the earlier paragraphs) if he could make sure i made it to the car, and she was going to wait so she can get my phone from one of my choir mates. 

As we were making our way to the car rain was pouring and it was cold. I could feel tears fall from my eyes then everything went black. I wake up a few seconds later and he is carrying me, he was yelling something to one of his friends “Just grab the bag!!”. I was scared i didnt know what was happening around me. I was placed in a car and soon the back seat filled up with people including my sister. I started to cry again, i was numb. I hear from the back seat “shes having an anxiety attack!” This has only happened once before and it never felt like this.

That night was a blur I cant remember much about it. A few weeks later he told me that he wasn’t going to break up with his girlfriend because he loved her and he couldn’t leave her.

Well then…



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