To all the other online users that scroll through random people’s posts, 

Hi. Hope everyone had a great day. I missed church today because I have been renovating my house and had to lay some tile down. Note to self: always, always, always hire someone. Don’t think that you are super man. 

After the long morning, a little relaxation and a long nap helped get me into a better mood.. until I watched a few disappointing football games. But after all the football games me and J went and got ice cream, so back to a better mood. 

A random thought that I’ll throw out tonight is the idea of crazy coincidental things happening   and on a regular basis for myself. Then I’m posed with the thought of well nothing is “just a coincidence” God has a plan and it was meant to happen. So what I am stuck with is why. Why did He plan this. What does it mean. 

Just thoughts, K

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