Day 1

Day 1

I have arrived in Divinity’s Reach and thus far it has been entirely very amusing. I was very much lost upon first entering the city, however, much to my fortune, there was a city guide that waited just inside. They took me to a tavern referred to as the Busted Flagon, and I am there at this very moment as I write this. So far I have gathered very basic information.

Sylvari are not born, they awaken beneath the Pale Tree with knowledge from other Sylvari.  The first Sylvari sprouted from the Pale Tree in Arbor Bay, emerging in 1302 AE. The tree was planted by Ronan and raised by Ventari, who were attempting to escape the violence that engulfed Tyria.

Most Sylvari closely resemble Humans, though they tend to have more tilted eyes, and pointed ear tips. Most display hard wood for one structure, and have foliage and petals for hair. Bark acts like flesh. Sap runs through their veins instead of blood. And pollen tends to fall from them as they move.

Sylvari emerge fully formed from golden fruit pods which grow from the Pale Tree. The Pale Tree, according to a few books I’ve read, state that the Pale Tree based the Sylvari form on the knowledge she had of Ronan, a Human.

It is unknown to outsiders if the Sylvari die of old age, as they are known to have died only through violence, poison or disease and do not appear to age. When a Sylvari is harmed, tendrils form over the wound and their bark expands to recover the area, leaving no scar. They heal at the same general rate as humans. All Sylvari have luminescent cells in their skin, causing them to glow in the dark. But only in the dark, or when daylight fades to night.

I shall sleep and continue my studies tomorrow. 

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