Day 10

It has been some time since I have written. It has been very hectic as of late. I am unsure where to begin. I do not like being touched unless it is Blue. I have a terrible germ-phobia, and I get anxiety when being crowded, or if someone is too close to me. I’ve learned that people of Divinity do not respect this well.

It all began some odd days ago, I was in Ossan, watching the patrons of the tavern there that I discovered was referred to as the Sun. I was having my afternoon tea and waiting on Blue to show up as he did normally, and randomly at times. I had much to tell him. However he did not show this day.

I was approached by a Sylvari, who then led me to a back table with their other Sylvari friends. His name was Eeovae, though the other Sylvari seemed to refer to him as Vae, alone. I was asked about my journal, as I keep it hooked to my belt-loop at all times in case ideas or new knowledge comes about. I explained that I was studying Sylvari. Though unfortunately I have that stutter I was born with, and this Sylvari, I assume was a sapling, thought that I was ‘broken’ as he said, and got terribly close to me.

The other Sylvari joined in, about five of them crowded around me and kept trying to feel my face for a fever. and though the gesture, I’m sure was meant to be kind, only spiked me with fear and anxiety. They would not leave me alone regardless of my many requests. And thus my anxiety was triggered and I had a horrible attack. A much older Sylvari saw this and led me away from the group. He used some kind of magic, which seemed to ease my racing heart and thoughts. Though I’ve no idea what is was. After this I made my escape home.

In other news, I have purchased a home in Salma and now reside there. It is very fanciful and homely. It is just right. I have also acquired a small library of books on many topics that I have bought off book carts throughout Divinity. I did not know that the city simply, had books on carts for purchase. It very much enjoy that.

Blue seems to be doing just fine. I intend on asking him the next time I see him if he wishes to reside in my home with me until I can find him a place to live and a decent income. Coin is no object to me, of course, as I am born of nobility. The Iznetae family is very wealthy. I will never know the struggle of the beggars I see on the corners in each District of Divinity. I have donated coin to them on multiple occasions.

There is also rumor of a Sylvari that may be corrupt. His name is Rhysthane, but I know nothing more than his name. I am unsure whether ot not I should investigate, as it is certainly none of my business. For now, I must sleep.

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