Day 11

There was a bombing today in Salma District at the Vanguard Hospital. I was not home to be witness to it, but there are rumors floating around the taverns that there is a terrorist cult running around, known by the name of ‘Faceless’. They must be very dangerous, if they had gotten away with bombing such a public place. Apparently they were never caught, but the suspects are a Sylvari, and an Asura. I have been more careful with my wandering about as of late. I’ve been very paranoid.

I have not seen Blue for a while, and I hope he is well. I am more worried about his safety what with the bombing than my own. He frustrates me at times, but I understand that he does not know better just yet. I just hope he is well.

I’ve decided to stay home for the next few days to keep away from the commotion from the bombing. I do not wish to somehow get mixed up in such things, as I am only here in Divinity to get to Lion’s Arch easier, and from there take an Asuran Gate to the Grove to continue my studies. 

I grow tired, and I have caught a cold of sorts. I will write again soon.

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