Day 15


I have gotten over my illness and have nursed myself to to health with hot soups and bread. Things have calmed down around here as it has been a few days since the bombing. This is good news to me. Blue visited me today at the tavern in Ossan, and there we met a kind woman who spoke of her work as a tailor. She was very sweet and not as intimidating as most I have encountered. 

Blue seemed to take a liking to her, though then again, Blue takes a liking to anyone that speaks to him. I am glad he is safe, I was very worried during that mess with the Salma bombing, but things are well now, and seemingly back to normal.

I heard more about the cults running around Divinity. One is called Faceless, the other, MoG, or, Mercenaries of Grenth. Both, I was urged to be careful for. And I shall, of course. I have been contemplating hiring a guard to protect myself and Blue. I fear for our safety here in Divinity, which is silly, seeing as Divinity’s Reach was to be the safe haven Human capital. I find myself wondering if the Seraph or even Queen Jennah will be doing anything about these problems with cults and such. 

I have learned much more about that one Sylvari. Rhysthane. He is connected to a friend of mine named Ryu that I met here in Divinity.

This… Rhysthane, seems to have some kind of hold on people that draws them to him and keeps them going back to him. It appears to be more than just charm. He appears nice. A good manipulator, no doubt.

What if the TREE Rhysthane goes to every day or so is his POD of sorts. He can regenerate form it. It IS Rhysthane. He can harvest magic from it. Perhaps if the tree was killed, it would weaken him. Ley-line energy is what dragons feed off of. Raw magic. The tree may as well be some sort of sponge. He could create a NEW tree, but it could take a long time. He would not leave this tree so unprotected, would he? His one and only source of strength? He encourages others to visit it, though.

Perhaps the tree itself is not where he gets his chemicals. It can’t be. Perhaps the tree is merely a place to store magic and such in which he could regenerate strength or, communicate?

The markings on Ryu and others perhaps are chemical, maybe he draws energy from those he brands, too?

Maybe, or the brands supply it? Like a patch, but with life force. Which in turn keeps people tied to him, because they have to. …

 It would be similar to craving a drug, no? Rhysthane is like a drug. But this begs the question… what happens to those who withdrawal? Madness, perhaps? Like any drug addict… crawl back to the drug. Possibly even… die?

How would one break free? Perhaps death is the only way, for those touched by Mordremoth…

Perhaps to get a sample of Ryu’s blood would show what chemicals or magics Rhysthane has put into Ryu?

These are the only notes and thoughts I have on Rhythane currently. They are scattered but… They are notes nonetheless.

I leave for the Grove tomorrow to continue studies. For now, I rest.

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