Day 16

I am at a tavern in the Grove called Starbower Nursery. It is a tavern for Sylvari and they serve nectar here, which, is a Sylvari’s go-to drink, imagine that. I was at the bar there for a while reading over some notes when a very tall Sylvari interrupted me and introduced himself as Zaroniel. We exchanged greetings and names, and then he stood there next to me.


I have sketched him while he was not looking. It is a rather horrible sketch, but I wished to remember him. He appears Nightmare Court if I were to be taking coloring into consideration, however, he seems kind-hearted and simply more relaxed and silent, as I am. We sat in silence for a long while until we decided to part ways. I am now going to travel the Grove for more study.

 I have met a Sylvari, the bartender at the Grove tavern named Beoir. He supplied me with nectar and melon juice. I cannot help but think of Blue as I drink the melon juice. He does very much enjoy juice. I saved him a bottle in my pack for the next time I see him.

I met a Sylvari named Liath, she was talking to some vines, and I asked he what she was doing. She explained that she was shaping plants, persuading them to grow into shapes before me. I asked her how this worked, and she said that All Sylvari can nurture and direct the growth of plant life. As their Mother tree, the Pale Tree blessed Sylvari with this ability. I asked her what she could make them do, and she said it was nothing that they wouldn’t normally do. She explained that Sylvari can simply direct their growth, they listen, and takes the shapes that they desire. It was rather interesting information.

 Spoke with a female Sylvari named Gheimridh near the Sylvari pods. She said her role was to keep the pods healthy, as there have been incidents. I asked about these incidents and she informed me that sometimes the pod dies, and the sleeper within dies as well.

I also met another Sylvari named Ceoltoir, he was near the pods as well. He asked that I kept my voice low as the pods behind us could open any moment. I asked if the ones in the pods were still in the dream. He sais that they are, and that Gheimridh and himself tend the pods together. She keeps the pods healthy, and he greets the newly awakened. I was curious and asked what waking was like, and he said that awakening from the Dream is jarring. He compares it to being blind and deaf all your life, and then suddenly being able to see and hear. I then asked what the Dream was like. Ceoltoir said that some among the Sylvari awaken while still in the Dream, but it was uncommon. Most don’t awaken until they emerge. Those who do, report that it is surreal and disorienting, like a normal dream.

I met with a Sylvari female named Colwyn. She said that she disagreed with many of the philosophies taught in the Groves, but she doesn’t want to isolate herself, and she is afraid that her only other option is Nightmare Court. I asked if she will join them, but she said that she would rather die. She said she could never do the horrible things they do, and that she still believes in goodness and morality. 

It makes me wonder, what exactly the Nightmare Court do.

A Sylvari female named Farraige spoke of her wonderment of whether or not it was possible to resist the darkness within the Dream, or whether Sylvari were doomed to become Nightmare Court. Of course, I asked what she meant by this, and she said that those of Sylvari who awakened during the Night Cycle walk hand in hand with darkness. And that Night Cycle Sylvari understand it as few others do. They embrace it. I asked if she was evil. She said she was not, and that night blooms and Nightmare Courtiers are very different, though their names are similar. She said the difference is that Night Cycle Sylvari slide through the shadows, and Nightmare Courtiers corrupt them.

I just got done watching Blue run around like an idiot. He is going to get hurt one day, and I’m going going to have to kill someone. Probably Blue, for not listening. We are going to wander the Grove together while I gather more information and study more. We found a secret garden waterfall, and it very beautiful. I am resting against the cool rocks and listening to the sounds of the waterfalls and the soft chirping of birds in the distance. It was nice to sit with him, even if it was in silence.

Spoke with a Sylvari by the name of Momac. He said I looked tired and that I was welcome to rest with “Us Noon Blooms” I asked what Noon blooms were, he explained that Sylvari are born during one of four cycles: Dawn, Noon, Dusk, or night. Each cycle affects the Sylvari’s personality. I asked how. He said that Dawn blooms have a talent for diplomacy, Noon blooms, it’s action. Dusk blooms often pursue more scholarly activities, and no one knows the shadows like Night blooms. I asked how that happens and he said that their mentors teach one’s cycle, the time of day one awakens from the Dream, imprints certain qualities upon them. But there is always free will.

The tenets of Ventari’s Tablet: The words of the Centaur sage Ventari carved into stone. It is the moral foundation of Sylvari society.

  • Live life well and fully, and waste nothing.
  • Do not fear difficulty. Hard ground makes stronger roots.
  • The only lasting peace is the peace within your own soul.
  • All thins have a right to grow. The blossom is brother to the weed.
  • Never leave a wrong to ripen into evil or sorrow.
  • Act with wisdom, but act.
  • From the smallest blade of grass to the largest mountain, where life goes – so, too, should you.   

I grow tired from my studies. It is mid day, but I feel a nap is needed. I am exhausted from wandering the Grove and keeping an eye on Blue. I shall continue my studies later this evening, or tomorrow.

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