Day 16 – 30 Days to True Health

Today was pretty awesome. I was going to go to the gym for classes with Cheryl, but she wasn’t able to go (poor Caleb is still sick), so I tried to talk myself out of going….I can go another day, I can work out at home, maybe take a rest day…..all kinds of excuses….but no good reasons. So I put on my big girl panties, grabbed my water bottle and headed out the door. And guess what?  Two employees recognized me, the classes were awesome and I felt great being there!  I’m so glad I didn’t find a reason not to go  

The sun was beautiful and warm today too, so Jim and I went for a late afternoon walk.  He was kinda being a butt so I sped up my pace to get ahead of him, but the man refused to let me go faster than him.  Wow, were we moving.  I was a sweat mess when we got home, and proved to Jim that he CAN keep up with me.  

I made an amazing roast chicken dinner and then worked at organizing some of the stuff from the laundry room.  Yesterday when I was cleaning it out, I found a bag of walnuts I bought before Christmas. So I got out my nutcracker and had a couple. Made me think about my dad and Christmas.  He loved to crack nuts and have those weird coloured super sweet super gross candies.  He would be happy to see me doing something he enjoyed so much. Missing you dad, hope you’re smiling! 💖

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