Day 3

Day 3


I have not written in a day, I have been very busy with my living situation. The Busted Flagon appears to be most rowdy and noisy, I’ve not gotten much sleep, and have mostly kept to my room to avoid conversing with other citizens of Divinity.

My studies are going along smoothly. I’ve not discovered every nook and cranny of Divinity’s Reach just yet, But I’ve a good idea as to where most things are. As opposed to a few days ago… I recently took it upon myself to rent a room in Salma in a tavern commonly known as the Coin. It is not my most favorite place, but it appeared the most secure. Better than the Busted Flagon, for sure. In time I intend on purchasing a home. Regardless of my many books on Sylvari and such, I cannot seem to find much on their personalities typically, other than the fact that ‘Sapling’ as they are referred to by many, are very curious upon entering the world from their pod. They are born with knowledge and as if they were ‘adults’, though most sapling I’ve read, are childish in nature. As I stated, curious, sometimes loud, they’ve, like me, a hunger for knowledge of the world around them.

As I write at this very moment, in Ossan tavern, there is a red and black Sylvari. [Sentinel Caradoc], and another, pink in color one. [ Keelie of Dawn]. I have not approached them, nor do I intend to. I’ve found myself simply observing Sylvari from afar. There are many questions I have, though I am sure it would be deemed… unpleasant to bring up to one. Nay, I will simply stick to keeping a distance and studying from afar. I do plan on visiting the Grove for the first time relatively soon, however, I am also contemplating hiring a guide to assist me. I’ve overheard from bar chatter that the Grove can be dangerous, what with its many levels. It is said that it is easy to become lost while traveling its many twisted paths.

As I stand here writing, I’ve observed that Sylvari refer to one another as ‘Brother’ and ‘Sister’. Perhaps because they are birthed from the Pale Tree they refer to as ‘Mother’.

I’ve many questions about Sylvari; Do they have genitals? If so, are they similar to Human’s? Do Sylvari even have sexual intercourse? Can they feel pleasure at all? How long do Sylvari live typically? I have only heard of Sylvari dying in battle, but never of old age. What are their teeth like? How pain sensitive is their ‘skin’, bark. Do they get intoxicated like human’s do? If so, are they more sensitive to inxication? What do they typically eat? What is their go-to food and beverage? I would assume they prefer nectar over anything, but do they especially like water as they are plant people after all?

I have left the tavern in Ossan to go on a walk and explore the city some more. According to the map, I am currently in the Eastern Commons. It says there should be a tavern around here, but I cannot seem to find it, so I’ve settled against a building to write another thought that has just entered my mind. I’ve read very little on Sylvari, but I did read that there are some Sylvari that have something to do with what is called Nightmare Court. I know very little about this Nightmare Court; other than the fact that they are apparently ‘Bad Sylvari’, and typically wear black and red clothing, or have their bark and fronds and such colored in black and red. I find my curiosity piqued as I wonder if the Sylvari in Ossan earlier was perhaps Nightmare Court. I wonder also, now, Are Sylvari typically prone to entering the word in black and reds, or is this somehow altered upon becoming Nightmare Court? How do Sylvari join the Nightmare Court? What is is all about?

I have returned home to to my Salma room to rest. It has been a long day, and I am terribly exhausted.

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