Day 323 – Study

Sunday, January 15th 2017

So I woke up deciding not to go to church for the simple reason that I have a math test to study for and I haven’t been bothering to learn it or do homework for it at all. 

My plan was to jump into work immediately, until there was a exploitation on the server I had to take care of. So I went online, got the items from the players who got more than they should, got one of the owners to get rid of it and gave a heart to the player who reported the glitch for the good deed. Players can stock up on hearts and win a prize by doing good deeds. I have to give them out more.

Anyway, I spent 2ish hours studying the first unity until I decided to play one round of Dead by Daylight with the owners, watch some YouTube until I got bored and went through old files my dad passed me so I could have. I found some old games I made, cringy videos, homework from a long time ago, furthest back being 4th grade, and pictures of myself when I was younger, as well as scanning of a couple of drawings I did. It was fun to go through.

I then watched Supernatural as I ate supper and went back upstairs to study the second part. I was tired by then and didn’t put the work into practice and only memorised what I had to do. Because of that I’m going to have to review during lunch tomorrow once again, although I’m not extremely worried. It seems simple enough. The part I had to study beforehand is what took longer.

I then went back downstairs to watch an episode of Clone Wars before going back upstairs to get ready for bed and play Champions. I’ve come across a bit of more challenging players, but still the lowest I went down was half health. I made an alliance called Saga and I don’t really plan on inviting anyone, but if some of my friends wanna join if they download the app, then why not. I’m not interested in joining a random or big alliance.

Also I realised I can’t write a journal entry on my PC. When I click write, nothing showings up. I’ll try again tomorrow, if not I’ll contact the creator of the website. Right now I’m using the app.

That’s all for today.

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