Day 4

Leannan, or Blue, as I call him, came by today to see me. I met this Sylvari about three months ago when I very first visited the Grove. He had just entered the world from his pod, and immediately he clung to me, like a chick just hatching from an egg, he follows me around as if I am somehow now his parent. I am glad to have met Blue, though. I’ve not many people I could call a friend, but I think of Blue as one for sure.

He dropped by the tavern below my room on the first floor and he had a drink. I ordered my usual tea, Earl Grey, and of course, Blue ordered his juice. That Sylvari certainly has a taste for juices. I am currently debating on whether or not to allow him to reside within my home once I purchase one. I am terribly worried for his safety. He is but a sapling, and my friend, and I wish no harm to come to him.

I have decided to not really study Blue. He is my best friend and not something to study. I would much rather simply enjoy his presence. However, I was watching a particular group of Sylvari earlier. They appeared to be up to some kind of mischief, and so I guided Blue away from the tavern and we went walking to discover new places in Divinity’s Reach. 

Blue left after a few hours, and I decided to check of the tavern in Ossan again to people watch. There I met a man who told me that there was a library here in Divinity somewhere. I will indeed look for it another day. Perhaps there will be books there on Sylvari that I could take the time to read.

I was harassed by a man named Seth, and a woman who called herself Bonny. They would not leave me alone, nor would they not respect my personal space. I did eventually escape from their clutches thanks to a hardy Norn that interrupted their harassment to tell them stories about a moot story he had. Tavern patrons are not entirely my favorite. I cannot wait to purchase a home so I no longer have to live above one.


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