January 16

Hi everybody!  I have spent my whole day at Walmart (at least so it seems.)  I had to get some things for Mom and then we accidentally left two bags of things at the checkout after we paid for them.  Got home, saw the problem and called Walmart.  Mom got all her items find, but told me Don’t lose that receipt!  Well, guess what.  Anyhow, I called Walmart and they told me to come to the store. I waited in line at customer service, then she said ” you’ll have to go through the store and get your items, I don’t have them up here.”  So here I go.  I retrieved everything, waited again in line in customer service, after a snide comment “You left everything at the register, didn’t you?”  I got my stuff and left.  I am worn out.  Didn’t mention the half hour drive to take Mom her stuff.  Sigh.  I am tired.  But this is such a little thing for me to complain about.  Lots of people have REAL problems and I don’t.  God is taking good care of me.  I’m just a little grumpy today I think.  Hugs to everybody!

One thought on “January 16”

  1. Big hugs to you Grace! Allow yourself to be grumpy – it all balances out in the end. Be kind to yourself.
    And thank you for your prayers – I had a very nice few days with my visiting family members.

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