The honest truth,

I am a stay at home mom, but how is that possible when i have no kids? That is a question i am asked a lot. I am 21 years old and i am a stay at home mom with two teenage daughters.. Yes you read that right. In December of 2014 i met my husband Jeremy. I was selling some clothes after i left my ex and moved home and Jeremy oldest daughter Carli and her friend Shelby start asking me about my brake up and gave me that little push i needed to get back out there in the dating world. Later that i day Jeremy and I were texting and deiced what the hell, lets get dinner and meet. He picked me up from my parents house it was so strange going out with an older man i had never met at that time by my self. He could of killed me! I had no idea and for some reason for the moment i met him i just did not care. He took me to dinner to this place called the Bambo Garden (THE FOOD WAS HORRIBLE) even to this day he still loves that nasty place! well after we got some beer and just drove around talking and getting to know each other…. Very he soon he got to know that i have a small bladder and miller light does not help this problem at all! Every ten minutes he had to pull over for me to pee… Once he took me home i never thought i would see him again  but the next day he wanted to see me and then the day after that and now we are married! Its crazy how a stranger can change your life around so much in a few short days, even hours… 

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