The Secret (part 2) End of Summer Vacation

It’s the first day back and I haven’t seen my friends or him since last school year. I thought i could make a fresh start and leave what happened in the past…. or so i thought. 

The first week of school was like any other week. The next Monday i’m at lunch I wait in the lunch line and get my food and sit down with my friends. A few minute he joins me and my group of friends at the lunch table. At that moment i knew that this year was going to be rough.  He casually asked how i was and we caught each other about our summers. He talked about a girl he dated and what happened between him and the girl from last school year. He continued to tell me about how he lost his virginity to the girl he dated over the summer. I couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy wishing he would date me. I knew talking to him that day everything was going to end badly. So that day we started “talking” and we was going to wait awhile before before we started dating. About a month later i got a Facebook message request from a girl i didn’t know. She asked me if something was going on between me and him, i told her me and him where talking but we weren’t official. She then sent me a bunch 0f screenshots of stuff he sent her calling her “baby”, “i miss you”. After seeing those messages i could feel my heart drop into the pit of my stomach. I’ve never been in a situation like that and i was appalled that he would do something like that. After that i didnt talk to him for 2 months. 

The week before Christmas break I was staying after school for Cheer-leading we had a game that night. After the game was over i seen him and his friends in the lobby. I approached them with one of my friends. We all started talking and we all went out and sat in his car. He ended up giving me and my friend a ride home. The next day him and I hung out and stuff happened… I regretted it soon after, i didn’t know what to do. The next week at school rumors where roaming the school about him and I. I didn’t know who was saying that stuff but it turned out to be my best friend. She was making fun of me behind my back making up sick jokes about me.  I called her out and she just lied to my face saying that she never said anything about me but three people told me they heard it from her (including her sister). 

That next weekend was Christmas break and his birthday party. I went to his birthday and more stuff happened. After that weekend he hasn’t talked to me since. I just don’t know what to do rumors are still going around and they are being spread by my ex friend. 

It feels good to be able to get this all off my chest, I don’t really like sharing this stuff with people i know because people judge. 

Should i just forget about him??

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