Woke up at 7:13. Drank coffee while doing my makeup, had some chocolate, took a shower. Walking down the street, I stumbled upon a fellow student whom I’ve known for about 9 years now. Her name is Lauren. Bought a pack of tissues at a local retail store just so I could get some change as I would be getting something from the canteen later and at the canteen, they’ll basically tell you to fuck off if you hand them a tenner. Lauren desperately needed a smoke, but it was windy outside so she couldn’t light it. That’s why we arrived to class when the bell had already rung. History, Physics, French, P.E., Maths… Everything was alright, except for English where my teacher called me a  petty bourgeoise in front of 25 people. That burned my entire enthusiastic and excited attitude to the bloody ground. I was mad about it for quite some time. I returned at 3 damn o’ clock. It’s like instantly throwing the day in the rubbish bin. School exhausts. Paying attention exhausts. Made spaghetti with pesto, then waldorf salad for the first time. My parents’ comments were, “it’s alright”, but when I came downstairs for seconds, all of it had been gone. Found a porno in which a guy eats cereal while having sex. It’s so funny, I can’t describe it. Even if you don’t watch porn, you must see this. I felt so exhilarated listening to You Spin Me Round Round today (seriously what the fuck is wrong with me?) before tackling my responsibilities. I tackled them at 9 o’clock and the plan was to study for two hours. I did an hour and a half. I don’t know how I’ll do in Biology class tomorrow. I’m always the one who fails the test and then has to have an oral exam to fix my grade. I’m doing that tomorrow (the oral exam). I want to pass. That’s it. I really couldn’t care less about red algae. 

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  1. A “petty bourgeois”? Wow. That’s…..interesting. This phrase strongly reminds me of something danisnotonfire would say in his videos……

    I feel the same way about biology. I can’t get interested in it, except when it’s about animals!

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