Day 324 – Exams

Monday, January 16th 2017

I keep accidently/almost writing 2016. I’ll get used to it in a couple more weeks.

I started the day off being extremely exhausted and almost falling back to sleep. Luckily I pulled myself back up before I got into trouble (I turned my alarm off since usually when I wake up I turn it off and get up, no snooze, and lately I’ve been tired with work, so I almost fall back asleep).

First class I had was programming. I decided to make my website writing script just be really fast, that way it looks less like typing and more like the letters are just loading one after the other very quickly, like a console box writing the code, that was you don’t have to wait for text to show up as long. I also fixed a couple of things here and there such as CSS or unecessary code (I had twice the same thing for my chat.php for some reason).

I then had cooking class where we started our exam. We have to cook something with at least 2 chicken breasts (or lentils for vegetarians), 1 onion, 1 lemon or 1 lime, and 3 carrots. Our group decided to make stuffed chicken with mozeralla and a salad on the side. We will be cooking at 1:45pm the day of the exam. At least I can sleep in.

At lunch I sat with my close friend and we discussed teachers and school, as well as jobs. I talked about my job and how it’s a good one, but it’s 40h per week, and you’re exhausted after from lifting 10ft, up to 50lbs sheets of metal, and she talked about not being able to get one, since she lacks is experience according to her employers, but in order to get experience, she needs a job.

I then had technology and I explained to my teacher how my result wasn’t the same. I tried again to no avail. He then linked everyone the video he translated from English to French to see if that made a difference, since he can’t really help us. In the English version, the guy pressed a layer that my teacher did not, so that helped. I spent the rest of my time studying for my math test since I was done.

Kohai and I talked about our plans for when she can come over so we may go eat at a gaming cafe and watch the movie Split that’s coming out in theatres (we both like criminal and psychology stuff) on our way to math class. I did my math test and ran out of time. I forgot how to do a tiny thing that was a little bit everywhere in every question and one was only half done since I forgot how to do a step. Overall though it was fine. I’d ask for more time, but it was the last test of the class, so if anything I’ll just do better on the exam.

At home I tried downloading hacking clients for Pixelmon, such as aimbot or forcefield, since the owners are expirementing with an anarchy server, where there will be no rules, so of course people are gonna hack like they’ve never hacked before, so I need to be prepared. Of course, I turn it off whenever I’m not on it. I’m excited to see what happens when it opens, especially since players can vote on banning somebody if they so wished. Luckily staff will be immune to this.

After supper I continued trying to make the hacking client work, but it didn’t, so instead I just concentrated on getting the pictures for my website. I found quite a few vacation pictures, little photography ones from my past summer camp, so I had to just pick good pictures on my phone, some drawings and my animation.

I also found a few videos of myself when I was maybe eight. Apparently I made a show on my camera called “catworld” where I just talk about cats. I even made my brother record facts about cats for me. It was funny to see, especially cause when I said to the camera my cat was blind, I made the camera face me (from a low angle, of course) and said “Everyone say ‘awwww'”. Oh, the cringe.

My parents should be back anytime now with my brother. I’ve just been playing Champions and watching YouTube. Now I’m going to bed. I’ll probably be in bed as they arrive. Oh, never mind, as I was editing they arrived. Odd, didn’t feel like he was really gone. Maybe cause we lock ourselves in our rooms and do whatever on the computer all the time.

That’s all for today.

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