Day 6

im starting my life this week so im excited. I am going to be going to all my classes and have a full day of work.  I have been sleeping in and figuring out what i am going to be doing the day of. i dont like that bc im the kind of person who need to have a plan before hand.  I am excited about the classes im going to take but also nervous.  i have to switch classes which is annoying. i might have to take some classes in the summer which would suck!! But i guess its not the end of the world im not sure.

im so glad i lost a lot of weight. I feel so much better about myself now. i feel happier and just better. I hope i can stay this way. Id like to loose a little more but Im happy with my self now.

I posted something the other day and I guess it was ind of personal but I made it public because i thought well this sight is anonymous. And it is. but this one person im sorry for calling you out if u r reading this but they wrote a really nice comment on something i wrote a little bit ago and i liked it. i made me feel good. it was really sweet and nice. but today I checked my account and now its gone. Im not sure why but I feel like its because of the content that i wrote about in my last entry. i made it private now bc i felt like i gave too much about myself away but idk. Its not that big of a deal but idk it made me feel weird and a bit scared. like did they figure out who i am?? idk

anyways. i got contacts recently and im wearing them today and i feel like my eye are like dry and feel kinda weird. i dont like it that much. It feels like they keep sliding to the side and then i cant see. i dont think that is actually happening but it did happen once and now im like paranoid now. lol.

today i took some glue and put it on my hand and et it dry so i coule peel it off like i used to when i was a kid. it was really funny. did anyone else do that? i feel like everyone does that at some point or another when they are a kid.

3 thoughts on “Day 6”

  1. lol yea i love doing that with the glue. thats funny actually bc I was about to respond and i got interupted and then i didnt get back to it until i wrote this post. u didnt over step. i just write watever is on my mind and that was on my mind bc i had just saw that u removed it and idk. I’m sorry for calling u out! it didnt really upset me all that much or make anything weird. sorry for the confusion.

    Anyways thanks for this comment and the last one. it was sweet and I have gone through a lot more than you know. You said u can relate to my stuff? i dont quiet remeber wat u said but ur right i do need to work on myself and putting myself first. i guess im just glad that u can relate/like my stuff/life. it makes me feel less alone in a way.

  2. Thank you! i will remember that. I needed to hear that! I have always been more on the reserved side and I often have trouble expressing what I need or want. I have trouble sticking up for myself. Not that I get bullyed but that I do let peope walk all over me and if something bothers me or i dont like something or even if I just need something from someone and they arent giving me what i need or the help i need i dont usually say anything or it takes me a while to get up the courage to say something. Its something I have been working on a lot lately bc ive never been good at it. my theripist is helping me a great deal with this bc she nows its a problem and its something i need to work on.

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