First Monday at work of this year

A beautiful day today in LA. I’m so glad to have this weather where I can skate to work with short sleeve t-shirt in the middle of January. I love it! Got work little before 10 AM as usual then started my day to say hi to people around me. There are still some people that still hard to say hi but I’m slowly trying to get rid of the awkwardness with them since friendship is the one of the most important things for me to have here at LA and work. My day went smoothly. The meeting took little longer than I expected but got things done that I planned.

I wanted to get the new theme implementation plan set with Lucy but got pushed to tomorrow since she had too many things today. Well, might better to start fresh tomorrow. I also got things listed out that will help developers to implement actual features or move them over to new theme. Also had a nice walk with Anton after the long meeting today. Always surprised that how much 5 mins of walking gets me to be more productive for rest of the day and be fresh. I need to do it more often. Got off around 6 today then skated to the grove to have a dinner with Nikita. Anton and Caesar joined too at Umami burger. My second time there. The food was good but the price was little too much. Spent $35 for dinner which makes me want to stop eating outside lol. Skated back to home and took a shower then been spending time on writing journals for past couple days and today. Also fixed JS thing on the site that I actually need to work on. It seems like it’s time for me to sit down and write down things I need to get done. On the top of my head tho,

– Auto save on
– Blog article about new theme
– New website with a new idea

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