First Saturday of the year in LA (Update on GNJ)

Probably the first night to sleep in without waking up in the middle since I got back here. Good thing that I’m getting used to my real life. Got up around 11 AM and felt still tired and sleepy. However, I couldn’t go back to sleep. Instead I talked Minju on the phone for about an hour then went out for a lunch at Chipotle. Weird that I’m still talking to her from a meeting in Korea right before I leave. However, I feel like I have bonded the most out of anyone I met for awhile. Still don’t know each other that much but like to keep in touch with her for now. Don’t really think it will work out tho.

Anyways, lunch at Chipotle myself. Laundry while I was organize things to do for today at the Starbucks down the street. Then headed over to the another coffee shop in K-town cause the Starbucks next to my place was too crazy. Got to the place called Prism coffee then started to work on the site. Spent couple hours to get the new home page designed and coded. Went through the new UI on my journal page couple more times then finally push every things to live. Nikita joined me at around 4 PM but worked on her on thing. I also updated Ubuntu on the server after backing up database and files. Thought some thing went wrong with mail server but found it has been working okay. Still need to look into it tho cause it does not like custom email address that people might still use. Got all my updating thing done around 6:30 PM! Felt so productive today for pushing all of them live! It took too long this year for the small changes. I gotta spend more time to make this better.

We went out for a dinner after that. Pick up Anton and Nika then drove to LA live. Planned to go to yard house but ended up at the other place cause of the hour long line there. I got a class of beer and food but food wasn’t that great compare to the price. It seemed like others were on the same page as me. Spent little bit over an hour there for dinner and dropped everybody off before I get back to home. Nikita and I decided to go out after. We met at the little bar at midnight and had couple drinks with a shot. Didn’t get drunk at all but had a fun time with her at the bars and the hookah bar on Melrose till 3 AM. Took a Lyft back to home and went sleep right away.

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