Friday back to skate

I had the worst of jet lag from this trip today. I got up around 2:30 in the morning last night and couldn’t go back to sleep till 6 AM. I finally fell a sleep but ended up waking up after 11 AM lol. Yes, I got so late for work. I just put my clothes on and left and got to the office around 12:30 PM. What a day. I couldn’t believe this happened. I didn’t even drink that much at all last night. Good thing was tho, there was lunch when I got there at the office.

Worked on the feature branch all day to make sure that redirect issue is fixed and my theme is working on there properly. Glad to see it’s working now. The moment I have been waiting for a while. Started to set things up for the theme and writing down the implementation note. Our product team worked till 5 PM then headed out to the bar down the street for happy hour. First time doing happy hour with product team. Well, 4 product managers and an UX design me lol. Just had couple drinks and chat about career. Spent most time listening but not sure if I learned enough about everyone beside things that I already know. Overall great time tho! Back home around 7:30 PM then I decided to go out for skating.

Drove to Santa Monica for the first time this year and skated with people at 9 PM. Not too many people as usual but fast pace today. We completed almost 11 miles in hour and a half. Feel so good to be back in skating. I definitely missed this feeling. Glad I decided to come out tonight. Stopped by at In and Out on my way back to home cause I wanted to eat something American lol. Back home around midnight then shower and sleep.

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