Got fired from the Job for no reason

Apparently they now needed someone to work in the morning and I work in evening and BOOM I was fired. They did pay me for the days I had already worked.

I really needed that money to pay my fee this semester but what can be done.

The day I got fired I got a call from another place someone had referred my CV to those people, GOD knows who, they said to come for an interview.

I went there for an interview today. They really liked me but the pay I asked was a little too much for them I think. They were just starting their business so they weren’t willing to pay too much. They said they would tell me on Monday.

A picture from Fridays Coding Competation

“Allah the Almighty is the best provider of sustenance”.

2 thoughts on “Got fired from the Job for no reason”

  1. Ah no! That sucks man. Hope you get the new job. I’ll pray for you.

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