I can never be with you again… and that hurts!

It’s coming up to 8 weeks. 

I seriously cannot get you off my mind.

It seems to be getting harder not easier.

The thing is there is no way getting away from you, not properly. 

Every time I go out reminders of me and you are shoved in front of my face.  

I yearn to be with you again for one more time.   My brain seems to have erased all the bad times and replaced them with joyful ones.

Im struggling to remember why I let you go.  I would love to take you back but I’m too afraid. 

Im afraid of myself I’m afraid of what others will say.  I know that if we spend one night together that night will turn into forever.  

If I go running back to you I will lose control over myself again.

Alcohol why can’t you just love me the way I love you?  Why can’t I just drink like a normal person? 


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