I’m back..

I’m back! I haven’t been on in a while and have to start a new acct. Since I forgot my other acct. Info. My life has been in a tail spin the pass 4 months. My father passed away 4 months ago. He was a diabetic and had cancer and was diagnosed 3 months prior to his death. He had alot of problems. Hes now at peace.I miss him so much. My mom is lost without him. She lost her best friend. She calls me often.   A week ago our one dog has passed away unexpectedly. She was only 9. We came home and found her. We had her cremated and just got her back yesterday.My husband is taking it hard. We loved her so much. She was our baby girl. It’s not the same without her. Without either of them. Like my sister says,we can’t catch a break. Shit happens one after another. When it seems we are on the right track something else happens. I don’t know how much more I can take. Last week we went to a friend’s kids birthday party. We are also friends with the sister n her husband. Well we thought. The daughter of the second couple,she spilled a little soda and my husband was teasing her. She came off with, shut up. Nobody likes you. Not even my dad. My husband said what? He thought she was teasing but she was serious. Then she says…. My dad fakes it. Just for money. He’s a mechanic and we had him do some work for us like oil changes,inspection etc. We were both in shock. Like this girl is 10 and we couldn’t believe what she said. When she walked away. My husband was like wow. I tried to convince him she was just being a brat or kidding. But I could tell it hurt so we left. Didn’t say a word. On the way home we talked and put pieces together. The husband didn’t come to the party. When we asked where he was she said had errands he had to run. Then she contacted me on fb wanting to get together when I suggested a day she said she’d talk to him but never got back to us,twice. So if it’s true that’s pretty messed up since we known them for 9 years. We never thought they would be the ones to turn on us and we did nothing to them.  We never talked behind they’re backs. Okay sure we havent hung out in a long time and didnt sttend theyre dsughters birthday party but we had things going on. My dad died and mom moved to a new place because she couldnt stay there without dad.I told my husband screw them. I know they’re the only true friends we thought we had but who needs ppl who don’t want  you in their lives? It hurts I’ll admit though. We didn’t want to say anything to the mother to cause a scene at her niece’s party.  My husband says he’ll just keep to himself. I’d rather have no friends than fake friends.


Rest in PEACE Daddy & Justice. We miss you both so much. Until we meet again…

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