Lazy Sunday

I slept till 1 PM today but got up many times in between. Asked Dosung to have lunch with me but he was at church till 4:30 PM. Anton texted me around 3 PM and we ended up getting a lunch at Panda express in Hollywood. The place we have been talking about for a long time and finally got here for a meal. We both got a plate and ate it at the table in front of the grocery market. We also had a conversation about work and life. It’s nice to have someone that I can talk about everything here in LA. I really enjoyed the time chatting with him. He dropped me back home around 5 then Dosung came to pick me up little bit after.

I went out for the second lunch or a dinner lol with him in Ktown. Usually end up in Korea town every time I go out with him. Went to NangMyun place with him and ate my ass off lol. Food was pretty good I just wasn’t hungry that much. However, I have finished all of my dishes. Then I went to grocery market with him cause he needed to get grocery for the week. We ended up at his place and watching some Korean movies with couple drinks. Well, I actually ended up drinking little too much and couple cigarette. I can’t hold it when it’s easily accessible. Feel guilty about it. Good thing was tho my body does not hurt that much compare to before. Took a Uber back to home then shower and sleep.

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