Love or infatuation?

So there’s this person that I think the world of. Don’t ask me why. Because even I don’t know. All I know is that I keep thinking about this person. Yes, I have to admit that I find them sexually attractive…but it’s more than that. I feel as if they’re different, like I know them before I even knew them kind of thing? Yeah, I know it’s kind of crazy. But it was like love at first sight. I instantly fell in love with their appearance or being. I don’t know if it’s reciprocated though. And I don’t think we will ever get to know each other, simply because of how different we are. And I’m aware of that but they can’t seem to get out of my mind. It’s been months now. And they’re are still in my head. Why?

One thought on “Love or infatuation?”

  1. Maybe it’s because you really like them. You should try talking to them, maybe you guys aren’t so different then you think. They might really like you to. You will never know if you don’t take a chance.

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