Set Them High

This article goes to the girls who wish their lives were a little more Cinderella and a lot less Servant. The girls who wish for more, but are used to average.

As girls, we all want to find our prince charming, our knight in shining armor, our one true love. And more often than not, when we find that person, we forget about the expectations we’re supposed to be setting. We forget that we are meant to be treated like princesses, because we’re used to being treated like the servants. We’re used to people telling us we’re not good enough, that we’re too average for a fairytale ending. My momma once told me that there was no such thing as not being good enough. What makes anyone else better than you? I don’t mean to get religious, but the King of the world made us with his own two hands. And if you don’t know who that is, He goes by the name Almighty God. And the cool thing about God, is that he is the King, the ruler of the world. So you know what that makes us? Princes and princesses of the same world. We were born into royalty, but society tells us we’re nothing but average. As a teenager, I know what it feels like to be broght down, told I’m not good enough, and put into the group of outcasts. But ladies, what does society know? How do they know our expectations, or what we want out of life? At the beginning I said this article was for the girls who wish to be treated more like Cinderella, and here’s what I’m going to leave you with. 

You are so much more precious than gold or silver. No guy is worth the tears you shed every night before bed. So put on your dress, straighten your crown, and smile like no one has ever hurt you. Set your expectations high, because you are a princess. And princesses deserves to be treated with respect. You are good enough, and your prince is out there. Don’t lower your expectations to match society. When society brings you down, show them what a real princess looks like. You got this. Believe and chase after what you want, not what they want. 

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