They say never trust strangers

We’ve all heard the phrase, ” don’t trust/speak with  strangers. ” The thing we didn’t understand is that sometimes those we think we know, or interact with can also be those strangers. 

It’s looking like bad luck at this point. If not for a positive quote I was privileged to hear. “Remember, tough times don’t last, tough people do.”

Recently, I got off all social networks. I wanted to reconnect with myself, my thoughts, maybe give all focus to my priorities. Continue to be social, one on one, human interaction. Well, it appears that some people have lost the understanding of social comprehension, the relativity of contexts and most importantly, how to be human. We’ve become to recognize socializing as a text, instant messaging, or simply acknowledging one another through a friend’s list. These are all strangers we know. 

When we do finally have to verbally engage, we just don’t know how. Discomfort, lack of words, ‘get to the point’, all have become our habits.

I wrote very small, to engage with patience, deliberately taking my time, for myself.  

Please remember that friends can be strangers too.

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