Back to skate Tuesday

My very first Tuesday night skate of this year. We didn’t really skated that long just little bit over 8 miles but I really had a great time. I realized again how much it can make me happy by just skating around the city with people. Feel good to be back in the real life!

I finally woke up early enough to go to gym today. Work out was terrible. I couldn’t even do 1/3 of what I was doing before. My back was hurting and I had no energy. I took it easy today but still felt so much better than not working out at all. Skated to work little early today to organize some things. It’s been little busy lately and felt like I need some extra time to organize everything going on around me. Good thing that Lucy and I got a list of things for the implementation of new theme. Hoping to see it being developed by tomorrow 😉 Busy all day working on notification stuff after the theme meeting. Think I got it work but need to double check tomorrow.

Back home around 6:30 PM then drove to DTLA to meet Rania. Met her with her cousin and had a tea for about an hour before I headed to skate. Skate was amazing even with a small group of people and food and beer was good to after the skating. Back home around 10:30 and just took a shower before I got into the journal. 11:36 PM now and I should go to sleep now if I want to go to the gym tomorrow 🙂 Goodnight all!

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