Day 18 – 30 Days to True Health

Remember that laundry room I gutted?  Well today was clean up and organize all the stuff that came out of there. I spent a good part of my day sitting in the middle of it all trying to figure out what goes where and how it will all fit back in once the shelves are installed.  Took some figuring, but I did it, and I can’t wait for it to all come back together. 

I had a great workout with Cheryl. We added a bit more weight today and we were both feeling it this afternoon. We had a coffee date after class and went over recipes and updates to them.  We are trying to work out a monthly menu plan, and it’s a lot of ideas flying around and trying to find the best ones. I have a lot of recipe updates, so I’ll be busy!  

I haven’t checked in with my food in a while, but I realize I’ve been doing well and eating the approved foods, so I haven’t had to think about my food.  That makes me happy and confident for the final two weeks.  Cheryl’s been great and answers my silly questions, no matter how many of them I have.  

Tomorrow I’m doing some crazy workouts, a lot of them, so I will have to be prepared with food and water….plan to succeed!  


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