Day 325

Tuesday, January 17th 2017

Today was alright. I started the day off with cooking. The student council were making pancakes since it was pyjama day. I should’ve went to get some—they had chocolate chips too.

I worked on our project and we had a substitute. I mostly did some research on my country. Since our meal has food that origins from Italy and Greece, we’re doing research on both. Twice the work, but it’ll probably gain us more points.

I then had programming and I worked on my website, which basically just consisted of putting images in.

At lunch I sat with my close friends and we talked about various things, such as Skype you get friend requests from woman wanting to do, well, stuff. Luckily that didn’t happen to me for a while now.

I then had math which basically involved revision.

I then finished the day with technology. I finished my exam, so I spent time working on my website until I realised I was supposed to work on PHP, so I switched to that. I am trying to figure out how to do something with for loop. If tomorrow I still don’t know I’ll ask my teacher again.

At home I went on the server to moderate and then after supper worked a little on the server builds I have to do, since the deadline is February. The owners also has been trying to give us something for moderating instead of paying us (since they can’t do that), even if we aren’t doing it for stuff, and they thought at first doing Pandora, but it isn’t available in Canada, so then a premium Spotify, and then we decided that normal Spotify is fine, so Netflix it is. I already have it, but some staff don’t, especially Kohai. She is gonna binge, my gosh.

I have to work on Megg’s and I book at some point. School has just kept me busy. Hopefully soon.

That’s all for today.

5 thoughts on “Day 325”

  1. Hmm, Netflix is 7.99 USD per month. So you’re basically getting paid 7.99 USD per month which is way below minimum wage 😛

    Obs, there’s lots of things you can do and learn in a day. If you make sketches for example, you can upload them with your journal, and critique on what improvements you can make for next time. You can write in more detail about your difficulties with the for loop.

    The sketches, and the for loop mistakes that you make today, you will one day look back on, and think “wow I can’t believe I made those mistakes!”

  2. Also, keep in mind that accomplishments become less impressive as you get older. If a person publishes a book at 10, everyone is astounded. If someone publishes a book at 16, everyone is still amazed. But publishing a book at 30 or 40, no one really cares despite it being the same accomplishment.

    Understand that a lot of your accomplishments today such as the website, the book you’re working on, the art you’re making, etc, are all impressive at your age. This is your current level. At age 25 though, all those things you’re doing today will most likely be seen as normal and no one will care.

    We both want to get this book published together Obs, this is hopefully the first of many projects that we work on and get completed together. I’m here to help anytime you need it.

  3. Re-reading what I wrote earlier, sorry if I sounded condescending. You are amazing, keep being awesome 🙂

  4. Megg : Yeah, since the owners have no way near enough money to pay us at least a small amount for our work, so they are trying to get a group thing. And I would’ve done the loop thing, but on that day in particular I made a really lazy quick entry, since I needed to go to sleep, hence the little detail. And I know, don’t have to keep reminding me xP I am going to work on it before my birthday, just kinda busy with exams right now. And it’s okay :p

    Cameron : Thanks! Glad you believe you’re on track as well ^-^

  5. @YngSurferDude16
    Yup, I think she’s on track to a great future as well. Her and I are both here to help each other attain a great future together.

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