Future Friendships

Often as I’m in the city i see several friend groups. Just a bunch of people sitting together talking and stuff. I’m just wondering if I will ever sit like that with a bunch of people in the future aswell?

After the summerbreak I’m entering a new school (if i get in). Theres only two schools in my town, but all of my friends are going to the other one (since they all got similar interessts). Like, I’ve always lived in the same city, had the same classmates for many years. And all of my friends go way back in time, I havent made any friends that I didnt know 5 years ago. Which means, I’m terrible at making new friends. I don’t know how I will do now that I’m about to enter a new school with noone that i know well. 

Will I end up being the schools loner? Or will I gain new friends? Like, I really hope it ends up being like that “The Perks of being a wallflower” movie, where the loner boy whos usually all to himself ends up becoming bestfriends with some pretty awesome people. Good thing though, is that I’m not going to be the only new one there. Everyone who is beginning there the same year as me will be curious about other students that they dont know well. Hopefully someone approaches me and wants to befriend me. Or maybe I’ll have to be the one approaching people? All I know is that I want to take this opportunity to meet new people, make new friends. Probably about time since I’ve always been clinging on to the exact same people for years. 

Maybe It’s not completely a bad thing. This is the maybe the chance for me to take matters in my own hands and stop hiding behind people. And also, It’s not like I’m going to lose contact with my current friends. My two bestfriends I already know will stay by my side, and I can turn to them If stuff goes badly at the new school. 

Then again, I can’t be thinking too fast yet. Not sure if ill even get in at all. And theres still like half a year until stuff happens. Thats just how I am! Thinking all the way trought just to be sure. 

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