If I have to struggle….

I used to always tell my ex that if I’m struggling THIS hard, I’d rather be doing it all on my own. And I am, always have been. It’s so much easier to struggle when you’re alone. When I would come home from working all day, to a dirty house, no dinner, kids needing this and that and have to do it all, while some “Man” just sat on the couch on his phone, it made me bitter. It made me mad that I had to do the dishes and give the baby a bath. It downright pissed me off that I had to cook for these people and clean up after them. But when I’m alone, it’s different. I come home and yes, I have to cook for my girls and I help them with homework and give them a bath. It’s empowering! I CAN do this all on my own and I’m not bitter having to do it because there’s a man wasting space, I’m doing it because I love my kids and that’s what a mother does! So I may be struggling, but hey, at least I’m doing it on my own! 

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