Life Coaching Perhaps??! 🙄

1/17/2018 (Wednesday) — Three days before Inauguration**

Im struggling. In every way imaginable, in work, family, my relationship. Just LIFE, kicking my ass. It’s mainly because I’m lazy. But right now, I’m really broke & really lazy it seems like… I’ve never had that problem together at one time. I’m working two jobs and don’t want either one.. I like both jobs but it’s not what I want for forever. I’m a waitress at night and a receptionist at a dog daycare during the day. Both fun jobs at times, they have their perks. But I want so much more for myself, I just have absolutely no idea how to go about it or what it is I want to go about. You know what I mean??

Then the bo, catches me just having a smoke and a smile with my ex. I wasn’t hiding it or anything but apparently that’s a HUGE ass “no no” ….. Let me stop with that “apparently ” bs, because I know damn well that if the shoe was on the other foot, two negros would be soooooo dead right now. I just need life coaching something fierce. I just feel like everyday I fail a little. 



*so nice to her this off my chest.. goodnight world *

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