of course, hunger is just as temporary

ap calculus bc, ap english iv, accounting ii honors, and ap physics 2 are definitely going to be on my schedule for next year. ap government, ap microeconomics, and ap psychology are going to be there if i get the signature from another teacher, as my own history teacher cannot sign for any of those social studies classes, since he doesn’t teach any ap classes himself.

i know i’ll have friends in physics 2, accounting ii, english iv, calculus bc, government, and economics. i probably will know someone in psych, too. one more class to choose, and it’ll count as an elective, because i’ll have all of my required credits, and i could just take a free period at the end of the day, but that would be a waste seeing as i’m a huge idiot and would just spend a free period or study hall simply playing on my phone.

the hardest of them all should be calculus bc, which is the entirety of calculus ab in the first semester and extra material in the second. but according to my current physics teacher, physics 2 should be very easy. english and social studies (govt + econ + psych) have always been my strong suit. and accounting…….my teacher said it shouldn’t be too bad, and it won’t hurt even if i don’t do super well, because it’s a useful class. i don’t know what to choose for my next elective, unless i take another business endorsement class like entrepreneurship, but that sounds super boring. i don’t know. i might just take computer programming ii, but then i’d have to have two more electives as alternates, which i would hate, because none of the other electives i can take that are 5.0 sound remotely interesting.



i’ll just be glad to be done with geography next year. man, i hate it so much. it’s nothing to do with the content, because it’s not hard; and i’m fine with my classmates–i just hate how it’s so project-based. i have an individual project due on the 30th, and a group project due next week. we have so many projects all the time and it annoys the heck out of me, because i’m most in my element when it’s just papers + writing + reading + doing practice problems + memorizing–i detest doing hands-on stuff, with due dates that are just ASKING to be procrastinated on.


hmm. the one thing that seems to calm me down is writing as neatly and prettily as i can in my notebook. not my own poetry, but other people’s. it helps me focus. it also makes me want to start a tumblr/instagram solely for my handwriting, which is quite possibly the only thing i’m really good at and the thing i get complimented on the most. i’ll go to the local craft/hobby store (maybe this saturday afternoon, if i don’t feel like laying down on the carpet and dying after taking the sat in the morning) and buy a pack of copic markers…..at least i just thought i would, until i googled it and found out a single marker is worth about eight bucks, which would make a set of twelve ninety-six dollars. wow. that…..is kind of too expensive. ninety-six dollars could pay for an ap exam. or it could pay for an entire outfit that i saw and liked in the mall a while ago. just…..maybe i’ll invest in a nicer set of colored pencils instead (my current 36-color set is nice, but slightly waxy, and the colors don’t show up or blend well on paper).


listening to jinsang’s album, solitude, on youtube right now. it’s chill as fuck and amazing.


my mom said that if i really want to major in foreign language translation/interpretation, i could do a double major and also major in accounting. that way, if i can’t find a job as an interpreter, i could become an accountant. she also said it might be smart to get a teaching license and become a high school teacher if i really couldn’t find a job and needed to make ends meet.


the site’s layout has changed again. huh. it looks pretty nice. i admire how California Dream is constantly trying to improve goodnight.


should get going. today was very stressful at a few points……..it should be better tomorrow.


i’m getting in the mood of practicality, because sadness and feeling lost is tiring. i don’t feel sad all the time, just like i’m not hungry all the time.

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