Something needs to be done.

So sick of hearing about murders, drugs and pedophiles.  Maybe there should be a purge for the right reasons. Let law bying citizens take care of the criminals. The drug dealers,rapists, and murders. Chase them out of our cities. I don’t even watch the news because everyday you hear of a murder,shooting,overdose or a child being raped. It’s sad. Everytime I hear a child being hurt I think about what I’d like to do to them. I once said and said it many times. There should be an island far away. Put all killers, pedophiles, and whoever else is danger to society. On this island. They want to kill each other,let them do it but not in our towns. Let them shoot each other, rape each other. Every once in a while yeah maybe drop some supplies off. It might sound cruel but truthfully our world might be a better place. I know ppl make mistakes,wrong choices and they should pay for it. Some ppl go to jail on something small and spend nearly 10 years in prison then another murders or rapes someone and is in prison for what 5-8 years then released? Bull shit. My husband made mistakes.When he was 13 he got mixed up with gangs. He got nailed for auto theft of 30 cars. Spent the next 5 years in jail. He was released at 18. He tells our nieces and nephews he made a mistake and wishes he could take it back. Because now he can’t get a good job and that was over 35 years ago and he’s paying for it all his life. He hasn’t been in trouble since. I still love him. I never judge him. He made mistakes but learned from them.. Life isn’t easy. Nobody said it would be but everyone should pay for their mistakes. My brother in law been nailed with a DUI multiple times and maybe spent twice in jail for them. There’s times he was caught and let go. ON A SUSPENDED LICENSE? This is what I mean. If I done  it I would of been in jail. My sister’s brother in law has his license taken away. If he wants it back he has to have a breathalyzer installed in his vehicle. Because he was an alcoholic and had a DUI. But not my brother in law. He walks free. It’s sickening.  With all my heart I don’t think it will ever change. 

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