There he is! Rascal. The soon to be newest member of our family. He isn’t even a week old yet. He’ll need to spend the next six weeks with his mother, brothers, and sisters. I’ll be spending the next 6 weeks puppy proofing the house. 

In reality, Rascal is a gift for Snoochie. I am hoping that he can make her smile when medication can not. He can stay with her when I can not. She can tell him all of her secrets and he will never laugh at her.

Picked up dinner at Walmart tonight. We spent some time in the pet aisle picking out things for the puppy. I also bought 3 toy mice for the boys. They really like the silky feeling ones. Now Tyrion is prancing across the living room happily with his new toy. He hasn’t it put it down for a single second. I love watching him play. 



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  1. Oh my GOOOODDDD that adorable face!!!!!!! This puppy is too precious for words! Congratulations on adding a member to your family!

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